Kart Jigsaw

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We know from the virtual encyclopedia that a kart is a racing car, of the simplest design, without a body, but with a powerful engine. On the track, its speed can reach two hundred and sixty kilometres per hour, and apparently this is not the limit. Cars appeared after the Second World War and were called a cart, which means kart in English. The first races were held in 1964 in Rome, Italy. We bring you a collection of racing kart puzzles. You will get the first picture in Kart Jigsaw for free, and to open the next one, you need to earn a thousand coins. There are a couple of ways to do this. You can complete the previous puzzle several times in simple mode or once in expert mode, where there are one hundred pieces. Choose the way of making money yourself, it also depends on your experience in puzzle assembly.

Use mouse or tap on the screen!


Car Puzzle




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